Anneli Arms

Anneli Arms Since the 1960’s I have been engaged in an ongoing project that has had fundamentally to do with our existence.

Our Leader Octopus Parrot Mates Towing the Line   view gallery »
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March Avery

March Avery March Avery knew at an early age that she would be a painter. She never considered anything else. Art is in her soul.

Cousins At Slocum River   view gallery »
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Violet Baxter

Violet Baxter Violet Baxter exhibition: National Academy Museum 185th Annual Invitational. Feb.17th to June 8th, 2010. Night Lights, 2009 oil on panel,16 x 20 inches.

Friday`s Market Coming & Going Sunset Blue Shadowns on An Orange Wall, 21x12, oil on panel Bridge Late Afternoon Bridge Night Lights Bridge Nocturne Points of Light Red Building in Shadow   view gallery »
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Sally Brody

Stone Garden   view gallery »

Lynda Caspe

Head Acapulco Couple Landscaspe II Castration of Noah   view gallery »

Marcia Clark

Marcia Clark   view gallery »

Peter Colquhoun

Masculin-Feminin Chateau de l`Hermine Brooklyn Piers Broadway and Thomas Street Irancy and Surrounding Hills, 2013 Irancy, Houses Joinville le Pont sur Marne, 18 x 24 inches, oil on linen Still life with Tea Cup and Oranges, 22 x 24 inches, oil on linen   view gallery »

“I am always on the look-out for the hook which induces a bite, that which reels me in, but it is above all a matter of process over product for me. During the process, one that is ideally in continuous evolution, one mark generates another; that’s what sets up relationships.”

Robert Feinland

View From North Williamsburg oil on linen	29x39   view gallery »

Leonda Finke

Leonda Finke   view gallery »

Ahmet Gursoy

Black and White #2 oil on canvas	37x55   view gallery »


490 Bellwood Ave., Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. 10591
Ahmet Gursoy

Geri Gventer

Artist and His Thoughts glazed & painted clay	32" x 9" x 7"   view gallery »

Geoffrey Gneuhs

Geoffrey Gneuhs I believe that art is to speak to truth, whether that is revealed in the face of a person or an urbanscape or a landscape. All depictions of creation should lead to a greater insight into the human spirit and of creation, itself.

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Jon Rettich

Jon Rettich Jon Rettich is the most famous unknown artist in Washington square park.

Bb11864 Man with gitar Pretty woman Rettich1 Rettich3 Washington Square Musical LOUIE AIRING TONGUE   view gallery »

Nicholas C Christopher

Nicholas C Christopher I started taking pictures in 1970, at the age of 16. My fascination has always been in taking the tool of the Impressionists and early compositional photographers and move the photograph into the realm of ’true art’.

miaciti3   view gallery »
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